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Pre-historic landslide above Black's Beach,
San Diego, California
Blacks Beach landslide - La Jolla


  • Government Agencies - Geologic studies for siting military facilities, third party reviews and engineering geologic reports for city and county planning and engineering departments.
  • Land Developers - Projects include engineering geologic feasibility studies for residential and commercial land development.
  • Attorneys - Expert witness and neutral expert work includes evaluation of reactivation of prehistoric landslides within residential subdivisions and single lot residential parcels.
  • Home Owners - Geologic inspections for real estate transactions. Evaluation of geologic hazards such as potential for landsliding, slope movements, fill settlement, and ground rupture caused by faulting.
  • Geotechnical firms - Consultation for geotechnical firms forms a large part of the practice and includes landslide identification and mitigation, fault hazard evaluation, slope stability issues, and coastal erosion studies.

Areas of Practice

  • Landslide Investigation and Analysis, landslide studies include research projects on landslides in metamorphic, crystalline, and sedimentary rocks as well as engineering geologic investigations relating to all types of land development projects.
  • Fault Hazard Studies on most of the major active faults in California including the San Andreas, Elsinore, and Rose Canyon faults.
  • Slope Stability relating to construction and design of cut and fill slopes for land development projects.
  • Coastal Erosion studies include evaluation of slope setbacks for sea cliff development and determination of bluff recession rates along the San Diego coast.

Contact information:

E-Mail: mwhart40@gmail.com
P.O. Box 261227, San Diego, California 92196
Phone/FAX: (858) 578-4672


Michael W. Hart, M.Sc.Geology, San Diego State University
Certified Engineering Geologist
EG 706